Great Craigslist Portland Cars Under $1000

If you are looking for a vehicle as basic transportation to get to work or around town, some resources can offer more than others. Craigslist Portland cars has several used cars for sale in one place with descriptions and the ability of the sellers to upload photos. The listings are free which is why many sellers list their vehicles on the popular site.

Some of the used cars are reviewed below:

1996 Chevy Lumina

1996 Chevy Lumina

One example is a 1996 Chevrolet Lumina. The seller claims the vehicle runs perfectly. Pictures indicate the body is in excellent condition. It comes in a dark green paint exterior with a soft gray interior. The only flaw is a cracked windshield which can be easily replaced. The owner has listed a number for calls and text messages of any inquiries.

1997 Plymouth Voyager

Another possibility is a 1997 Plymouth Voyager minivan with a V6 engine. The used vehicle has 134,000 miles and seating for 7 passengers. The van is available at a local dealership and is advertised to be in good running condition. From the photos the interior appears to be in good condition as well. A phone number is provided for inquiries.

1983 Buick Regal

If you like muscle cars, a 1983 Buick Regal may be an option. It has been painted a flat black primer and is missing the turbo component but runs very well. The mirrors and other trim pieces will need to be put back into place. The owner has listed a number to call or text.

1989 Honda Accord

If you want something more economical to drive you can find a 1989 Honda Accord on Craigslist Portland cars. The auto is said to be in good running condition. It needs a hood latch but can be driven anywhere. It is a five speed and the owner is selling due to inability to drive a manual transmission. A contact number for calls or text messages is provided and the owner seems very motivated to sell the car right away.

Chrysler New Yorker

If space and luxury are options for you,  a Chrysler New Yorker in a white paint color with a white top may be a good option. The owner does not list the year but it looks to be a late 1980s or early 1990s model. A phone is listed for potential buyers to call with inquiries.

There are several more possibilities to browse through on Craigslist Portland cars. Small, economical vehicles, larger family cars, and anything in between can be found for under $1000. You can specify the maximum price to quickly sort through applicable listings.

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