Craigslist Las Vegas Cars

Many people use the well known Craigslist local websites for all sorts of transactions, such as finding a place to rent or perhaps even a date, but did you know you can also find used cars to buy in your area. For example, let’s look at a selection of Craigslist Las Vegas cars for sale below.

2003 Toyota Avalon Sedan XLS

This 2003 vehicle is being sold with many additional features, such as air conditioning, alloy wheels, JBL three in one sound system and much more. Full details of the vehicle are given, including mileage and the VIN number to assist you in verifying its legality and fitness for sale. In addition, this particular vehicle is being sold through a dealer, giving you further peace of mind.

2001 Pontiac Firebird 2D Coupe

This is a nice looking 2001 vehicle with 82593 miles on the clock and once again a wide range of extra features. Available from the same dealer as the Toyota above this sporty little number must be well worth a look.

2008 Kodiak 4500 Big Tex Hauler/Toter Body

For sale by a private individual, this hauler was bought new in 2009 after the model was discontinued in 2008. On sale for $26950, it has only 24,000 miles on the clock and has many fine features. Contact the seller directly through Craigslist Las Vegas cars.

1995 Mercedes S320

This car is on sale for $1000 as a junk car, suitable for parts or scrappage. Paperwork can be cleared through DMV although the owner has no title. This private seller has listed his phone number if you have further questions.

2006 Dodge Stratus

Another possibility on Craigslist Las Vegas cars is trading your vehicle for another. This owner wants to trade his 2006 Stratus for a truck or SUV; sale value is given as $5900 and the seller has left his phone number for you to contact him direct.

2006 Dodge Caravans

This dealer claims to let you drive away a 06 Dodge Caravan for $299 with guaranteed finance and no credit checks. There’s even a 2 year warranty. Get in touch via email and call their bluff!

2004 Chevy Trailblazer

Finally in this random selection of Craigslist Las Vegas cars, this private sale of a very nice looking blue 2004 Trailblazer at an asking price of $9000 appears to offer great value. Contact the owner via email for more detail. If you are interested in this car, then you should do steps on how to buy a Craigslist used car from a private seller.

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